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Step By Step Configuration Manager articles including prerequisites, SQL Server Installation, WSUS Installation,  CM 2012 R2 Installation, Configuration Manager Post Installation Configs


Windows Deployment Services

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Step By Step Windows Deployment Services Server Installation, DHCP Settings, Reference Computer Preparation, Capturing Image, Unattend.xml Answer File



Today I needed to move the existing Active Directory user accounts from their OU to another OU based on the users' department. Below you can download the csv and script files written by Prashant Dhewaju (MS Repository). Usage is pretty simple.




Run Active Directory Module for Windows Powershell on your domain controller as the Administrator.

I copied these 2 files under c:\Scripts\BulkuserMove, then run the following command.

C:\Scripts\BulkuserMove> .\Bulkusermove.ps1


Hosting multiple WordPress sites on IIS



Live Streaming with Nginx RTMP



Hylafax Installation on Debian

Easy to start HylaFAX is a free linux-based fax server. It is used by many companies worldwide. In this article, we are going to install and configure HylaFAX.


Creating Multiple Users on Active Directory

Docs / SupportIf you are working in an organization which receives a lot new users on several periods of the year, then you should handle creation of domain users  with the help of Powershell. 


How To Change Default Computer OU

Native RTL SupportWhen you join a computer to the domain, Computer Object is created and placed in Default Computer Container which is not an organizational unit and we all know that, GPOs can be only applied to Organizational Units. 


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