Add/Remove Existing Group Users to Another Group

You can run the following command to add TestGroup's users as a member to TesGroup2


Get-ADGroupMember -Identity TestGroup | foreach {Add-ADGroupMember -Identity TestGroup2 -Members $_.SamAccountname}



This command does the opposite, it removes a groups users from other group. It removes TestGroup users from TestGroup2 users.

Get-ADGroupMember -Identity TestGroup | foreach {remove-ADGroupMember -Identity TestGroup2  -Members $_.Samaccountname -confirm:$false}


The command below imports the csv or txt file and removes the users from MiniTabUsers 

import-csv "C:\engr252.txt" | % { Remove-ADGroupMember -Identity MinitTabUsers -Members $_.user -Confirm:$false }


Txt File is in the following format





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