In Computer Replacement scenarios, we can use SMP. If your company decided to replace the old computers with new ones, you can capture user files and setting from source computer and install operating system on a new computer and restore the captured user files and settings to our new computer. Here I just show how to create a State Migration Point but details about USMT will be discussed later in another reading.  


On Configuration Manager console;

Open Administration work space > Site Configuration > Servers and Site System Roles > Right click on the Site Server and select Add Site System Roles >

Add Site System Roles Wizard will start. Click Next and choose State Migration Point Role.



Here we need to configure maximum number of clients  that are allowed to store the data and the minimum required free space on the disk. We also specify the Minimum Free Space to avoid running out out of free space on the disk.



Click Next and Finish.






Hylafax Installation on Debian

Easy to start HylaFAX is a free linux-based fax server. It is used by many companies worldwide. In this article, we are going to install and configure HylaFAX.


Creating Multiple Users on Active Directory

Docs / SupportIf you are working in an organization which receives a lot new users on several periods of the year, then you should handle creation of domain users  with the help of Powershell. 


How To Change Default Computer OU

Native RTL SupportWhen you join a computer to the domain, Computer Object is created and placed in Default Computer Container which is not an organizational unit and we all know that, GPOs can be only applied to Organizational Units. 


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