1. If your DHCP and Windows Deployment Servers are on the same machine, and your clients are on the same VLAN then you need to specify the DHCP scope options 60.

2. If WDS and DHCP servers are running on different servers, and your clients are on the same VLAN then you just need to configure DHCP scope options 66 and 67. 

3. If WDS and DHCP servers are running on different servers, and your clients are NOT on the same VLAN with those servers then you need to configure IP Helpers on your router or switches and you dont need to configure DHCP Scope Options (This is the most common scenerio). IP Helpers configuration varies depending on the router hardware manufacturer. Configuring IP helpers let Clients' PXE request broadcast to reach to the specified VLANs. Generally it is just one line of command on your router. 


In this demostration, WDS and DHCP servers are running on different servers, and my clients are on the same VLAN. So I go with Scenerio 2.

Option 66 defines the IP address of the PXE server

Option 67 defines the boot file



Configuring PXE on Distribution Points:

Launch the configuration manager 2012 console, click on Administration, Servers and Site system roles, right click Distribution point and click properties. Click on PXE tab, check the box “Enable PXE support for clients“.  



After PXE Role is enabled, WDS will be automatically installed on C drive. Do not configure it! Configuring manually will cause problems on your WDS. 

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