To install MDT 2013 Update 1, we need to install Win10 ADK and in the previous article we've already done so. You can download from the link below.

The most important changes that comes with MDT 2013 Update 1 can be listed as follows:

  • Support for the Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK) for Windows 10
  • Support for deployment and upgrade of Windows 10
  • Support for integration with System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager SP1 with the Windows 10 ADK


Let's install it.




Accept the terms in Licence Agreement and hit Next

Install the features and on next window click Finish to complete the setup.




Integrate MDT 2013 update 1:

 Make sure you close the Config Manager console before you continue. In the Start Screen find  and right click on Configure ConfigMgr Integration, choose Run as Administrator. 




Select "Install the MDT extensions for Configuration Manager" and click Next and Finish.








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