In this article, we are going to upgrade win7, win8 and win8.1 computers to win10 on SCCM v1511and  we will be using build in upgrade functionality of SCCM v1511. Navigate to Software Library > Operating Systems > Operating System Upgrade Packages, Click Add Operating System Upgrade Package.



Browse the Win10 Media







Click Next and complete the wizard and then Distribute the upgrade package to DPs 






Create a new task sequence






Specify the task sequence information on the next window




Select the upgrade package that you created earlier




On "Include Updates" section choose the option that complies with needs 

On "Install Application" section choose the option that complies with needs





At this point, all you need to do is deploying the task sequence to desired collections.

In my test, I noticed that TS fails if your client version is not 5.00.8325.1000.


Hylafax Installation on Debian

Easy to start HylaFAX is a free linux-based fax server. It is used by many companies worldwide. In this article, we are going to install and configure HylaFAX.


Creating Multiple Users on Active Directory

Docs / SupportIf you are working in an organization which receives a lot new users on several periods of the year, then you should handle creation of domain users  with the help of Powershell. 


How To Change Default Computer OU

Native RTL SupportWhen you join a computer to the domain, Computer Object is created and placed in Default Computer Container which is not an organizational unit and we all know that, GPOs can be only applied to Organizational Units. 


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