When troubleshooting the communication between Management Point and the Clients we should use the following log files which resides on client computers. 

1. Location Services.log : This log file show us client activity for locating management points, software update points, and distribution points. 

2. ClientLocations.log: This log file show us the activity that are related to client site assignment


You can check the health of your Management Point by testing the following links also. If you can see the xml outputs like below pictures. Client and MP connectivity is healthy. Otherwise, you will see Error messages.











Hylafax Installation on Debian

Easy to start HylaFAX is a free linux-based fax server. It is used by many companies worldwide. In this article, we are going to install and configure HylaFAX.


Creating Multiple Users on Active Directory

Docs / SupportIf you are working in an organization which receives a lot new users on several periods of the year, then you should handle creation of domain users  with the help of Powershell. 


How To Change Default Computer OU

Native RTL SupportWhen you join a computer to the domain, Computer Object is created and placed in Default Computer Container which is not an organizational unit and we all know that, GPOs can be only applied to Organizational Units. 


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