In this article, we are going to configure Application Catalog Web Service Point, Application Catalog Website Point and Fallback Status Point


Application Catalog Web Service Point: It sends the software information that resides in Software Library to Application Catalog Web Site.

Application Catalog website point: It shows the available softwares that can be downloaded from Application Catalog

Fallback status point:If clients can not communicate with its Management Point, tit will try to communicate with FSP and send status messages regarding the software installation.

Lets install these 3 roles. Navigate Administration Panel/Site Configuration/Site and hit Add Site System Roles button.






If you have Proxy Server, you can enter it on this screen.


Select these 3 roles



Do not change FSP settings


For Now, Application Catalog Web Site will communicate with Application Catalog Web Service point over port 80.


Select Site System Server from the listbox



Enter Organization Name and theme color



Roles installed


 To check if the roles are working without any problems Download Configuration Toolkit and run CMTrace Tool




To check if Application Catalog Web  Site, Open C:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\Logs\awebsctl.log file with CMTrace. If AWEBSVC status is hr=0, Failed=0, then wait a few minutes and makes sure it changes to Online.



To check if Application Catalog Web service Point runs correctly, open awebsvcMSI.log file with CMTrace. Make sure Application Web Service — Installation Operation Completed Successfully log is there.


Browse http://serveraddress/CMApplicationCatalog address, it will asks you domain user account. Make sure Application Catalog Website comes up.



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