Windows Print Server - Add Printers using GPP with Item Level Targeting

Last month I decided to deploy my printer via GPP and tried to find for the best method for my requirements. What I wanted to accomplish is basically that, when my company hires a new user, I would add that user to a group and the printers for that specific users will be installed automatically. Thay way, I will not be installing printer drivers onto computers manually. All I need to do is add the new user to the related group. I will show what I have done step by step.



1. Lets install the "Print and Document Services" role to a server.

It is pretty straight forward, next next finish.



2.You need to add printers to your server.















In my environment, all printers are Xerox. After I downloaded the correct printer driver from xerox support site, I right click that file and extracted that downloaded driver setup file using winrar or some similar unzipper.

Locate the inf file. 





 Add all the printers you wanna deploy by following the same procedure. 




3. Create the Printer Groups

Create a separate user group for each printer. Add the users to those groups.






4.Create the GPO

Open up Group Policy Editor > User Configuration > Preferences> Control Panel Settings> Printers




 I choose action as Replace, so when I remove a user from that group, this printer also will be removed from the user's computer. Nice, isn't it?




Click Targeting




Select New Item> Security Group and choose the relevant user group.







That is it.

In my tests all windows10 computers installed the printers without any problems but Win7 and 8 and 8.1 was not able to install the printers. So I had to add another GPO for printers to be able to install correctly on other Windows clients.

Computer Configuration>Policies>Administrative Temp..>Printers>Point and Print Restrictions








I noticed that the default printer kept changing automatically each time the group policy applied and it was selecting wrong printer as the default. To solve the problem

Step1: I had to remove the registry entires for old, non-existig printers from: 






Step2: I also had to remove and re-install the wrong printer which was being selected automatically. 

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